New Recording – The Temple Sessions

Temple Valley has always been a special place for me to come home, from all ends of the Earth, for renewal and re-creation. This last January, during a beautiful, cold & rainy winter, I picked some of my favorite songs and recorded them on my laptop computer. The result is “The Temple Sessions” EP.

“Everything” is written by myself, Terry Burns & Cathy Majeski (we also wrote “If I Fly”), and Cathy is joining me on vocals. These ladies and I love to write together, and could make an entire CD together! “You Know Where I’ll Be” is a Maia Sharp & Pam composition, and she too has added her magic on vocals. Mine and Maia’s song “Rising” is out now on Maia’s new CD “Change The Ending” with Maia and Bonnie Raitt singing vocals. “What’s A Little Rain” is the result of a long time writing relationship with Liz Rose (who needs no introduction) and Jill Johnson, an amazing artist from Sweden. We were joined by the fabulous Lisa Carver on this song, and it is also on Jill’s CD “Flirting With Disaster”, named appropriately after the celebration we had the same day we wrote the song.

“Superstition” has been one of my favorite songs for years, and I have a new guitar tuning that compelled me to record this version. Who can deny the power and talent of the great Stevie Wonder? And as an added treat, I realized that superstition itself held a broader meaning for me as I delved into the lyric to deliver this.

Having just come out of the new year, and being touched by the passing of one of our greats, Dan Fogleberg, I made the decision to include “Another Auld Lang Syne” as a bonus track. The song has always impacted me, and honestly, I just wasn’t finished with it as New Years Eve left us.

I hope you enjoy this work!

Peace and Blessings

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